Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is HSPA+

HSPA+ is the name of the set of HSPA enhancements that are defined in 3GPP beyond Release 6 (R6). The enhanced downlink (HSDPA) was defined in R5 and the enhanced uplink (HSUPA) was defined in R6.

HSPA+ has a strong evolution path and will continue to evolve beyond HSPA+ R8 to further enhance the HSPA+ performance and provide a clear evolution path for current HSPA networks. The definition of HSPA+ R9 was already initiated in early 2009. HSPA+ R9 and beyond is considering enhancements such as expanding HSPA+ multicarrier
beyond 10 MHz deployments combined with MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) to provide peak rates of 84 Mbps and more.


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