Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HSPA+ Doubles Data Capacity and Reduces Cost

With the launch of HSPA, operators are seeing a significant uptake in
data demand, a result of new data applications and increased demand
for high-performance mobile broadband services. HSPA+ enhances the
performance of HSPA networks and enables wireless operators to
continue to fulfill these data needs in the most economical way, as
HSPA+ doubles the data capacity compared to HSPA R6.

HSPA greatly increased data capacity over R99 systems by adding the
high-speed shared channels with HOM (16QAM), smaller transmission
interval, Hybrid ARQ (HARQ) and opportunistic scheduling. HSPA+
builds on this solid foundation by adding support for 64QAM, 2x2 MIMO,
DTX/DRX and other air interface improvements to enhance the capacity
and the user experience.


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