Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HSPA+ For Mobile Broadband Evolution

Nearly all WCDMA operators across both developed and developing countries have rapidly launched HSPA services to capitalize on its excellent mobile broadband capabilities and increased data capacity. The enhanced downlink (HSDPA) had been launched commercially by 217 operators in 93 countries as of early 2009.

The enhanced uplink (HSUPA) is also quickly being introduced with around 50 deployments as of early 2009. HSPA devices have proliferated and mobile operators
have seen data services account for a rising and substantive proportion of their revenue. HSPA+ is the natural evolution of HSPA and operators are now preparing to commercially launch HSPA+ R7 in early 2009.

HSPA+ R7 is the first evolutionary step beyond HSPA and HSPA+ R8 is targeted for commercialization during 2010 with multicarrier as a key feature. HSPA+ further enhances the mobile broadband experience and increases the voice and data capacity of HSPA. This white paper discusses the HSPA+ key benefits:

HSPA+ enhances mobile broadband with data rates up to 42 Mbps in R8 while R7 enables up to 28 Mbps downlink data rates.

HSPA+ doubles the data capacity over HSPA and more than doubles voice capacity over WCDMA, reducing the cost of delivering voice or data services (more efficient voice over HSPA+ can also be used to free up data capacity).

HSPA+ enhances the end-user experience with lower latency, faster call set-up time, improved “always-on” experience and a longer talk time.

HSPA+ multicarrier further enhances the broadband experience.

HSPA+ R8 doubles the data rates to all users and can significantly increase the bursty application capacity, e.g., Web browsing.

HSPA+ is the optimal solution for single and aggregated 5 MHz carriers, and provides similar performance as LTE for the same bandwidth and using the same number of antennas.

HSPA+ is the natural evolution of HSPA at a lower cost, enabling an incremental and cost-effective upgrade that leverages existing assets.


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